How I Can Help You

I help overwhelmed health care professionals to find self compassion, joy and purpose and to live to their potential

How Coaching Can Help You

Some of the situations where coaching may be beneficial are:

  • Decisions around your career development
  • Creating a work-life balance that works for you
  • Challenging self-limiting beliefs 
  • Caring for your wellbeing
  • Transition times such as returning to work after a period of absence
  • Developing your leadership style
  • Issues around confidence, boundaries, perfectionism, motivation and mindset.

If any of these resonate, then coaching can support you to reach your potential. 

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My Coaching Services

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1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

I recommend having a package of 6 x 1:1 coaching sessions over a period of 3-6 months; this is because it can take time to make lasting change in your life.

Coaching sessions can take place over Zoom or telephone. Walking coaching (on the phone) is also an option; there is evidence that being coached whilst in nature can improve your thinking and self-awareness.

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6 x 1 hour coaching sessions – £500

“Pay as you like” Coaching

I am passionate that coaching by accessible and available to all individuals. This is for a one hour session and is ideal if you have one particular topic you’d like to cover, or if you are curious about coaching and would like a taster session before committing to more. You can book on the link below. 

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"Pay as you Like" Coaching Sessions

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Bespoke Team Workshops

Bespoke Team Workshops


Get in contact with me to discuss your requirements for team coaching and workshops.

For examples of workshops available, have a look at my courses and workshops page.


For more details on my services or to have a chat, book a free, no obligation call.