Some reflections on 2022.

I’ll be honest, I have started to find written reflections quite difficult, especially ones that other people will read (like this)! I do my best thinking and reflecting in my own brain while I’m out exercising in nature. However there is a lot of evidence that writing things down is good for you (cathartic, helps you to organise your thoughts and uncover unconscious parts of yourself). So I’ll have a go.

What have I learned this year?

That I do my best thinking when I’m out running! I’ve thought out, planned, analysed and come to solutions and resolutions whilst out running.

I’ve learned a lot about the brain and how it works. Specifically MY brain and how it works! I’ve learned it doesn’t like uncertainty and particularly doesn’t like Covid-related disruption.

I’ve learned that I’m a good mum. I have struggled for many years not feeling good enough as a mum. Coaching (and especially ACT – acceptance and commitment therapy/coaching) has helped me realise I am in fact more than enough.

I’ve learned that what you focus on you create more of. Focus on learning, focus on strengths, focus on values, focus on gratitude. That’s why I post on Facebook about what I’m thankful for every day.

I’ve learned that intention, planning and achievement AND finding joy in this present moment are both important to me, and possible.

When did I use my courage?

Maybe these things seem quite small; but I’ve been practicing using Everyday Courage this year.

I have driven to some new places (and increased my confidence in driving as a result). I started a Facebook page for coaching (you can find it here if you want to follow me for wellbeing and coaching tips and tricks). I designed and published (and then shared!) my website. I qualified as a coach, and have coached some amazing people. I ran two workshops, and have now planned some more. I did a couple of days of doctoring. I shared Gail with a number of health care professionals so they can learn about bereavement care. I presented a guideline I wrote at a meeting. I became a school governor. I said No to a possible opportunity.

What am I still learning?

I’m learning to practice acceptance when things don’t go my way. Learning to be with my emotions in the moment, rather than fight with them.

I’m learning when to step out of my comfort zone in order to grow and when to stay safe to avoid unnecessary stress.

I’m learning that I will always be learning.

Would you like to reflect more? To learn more about yourself? You might be interested in coaching with me (you can find details here) or coming to one of my workshops or courses (you can find more details here)

Thanks for reading, and wishing you a very Happy New Year x