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Coaching with Shona has been a hugely powerful step in an ongoing search to understand myself better and explore what changes I might want to make and how I can move forward. Shona doesn’t have the answers, but then neither do I! What she does have is gentle but thought-provoking questions and a wonderfully empathic approach that made me feel like she had all the time in the world for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend Shona as a coach and may well return for further coaching myself in the future.



I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have had Shona as a coach.

Shona provided a friendly, safe space that allowed me to be open and freely explore my thoughts or approach to issues that I felt were bearing an unhelpful impact on my life.

Shona is a great listener who is non judgemental and quickly understood what I was getting at even if I was sometimes rambled in my words.   

Shona was able to put me on a good path of not only recognising and acknowledging that the feelings and thoughts I had could exist (and why) but more importantly that they did not have to be all consuming or addressed.

By completing this practice with Shona, I feel in a more positive space and empowered with tools to be able to  reframe the thoughts that had started to incorrectly feel like “all dooming” facts to me. 

I would highly recommend anyone to work with Shona and would happily do so again myself in the future.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Shona. Each session I have felt she really listens and considers my challenges and has provided valuable insights. She has helped me to plan and progress to improve and overcome these to reach my goals. I feel more confident in managing a wide range of difficult situations in both my professional and personal life and have a framework to approach future difficulties. She is kind, non-judgmental and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend her as a coach.”



Shona began coaching me a couple of months ago and what a journey it has been in such a short time. Shona has been able to really help me in getting to think a lot more before I answer questions especially by using more positive language. I never really looked at the word ‘but’ as a negative word, however, replacing it with ‘and’ has made all the difference in the way I feel about my answers.
Shona has supported me in working through some business blocks which I didn’t know were there. Coaching has this magical way of taking you on a journey that you least expect it and with a great coach, you can really achieve something magical!
Thank you Shona, you are a brilliant coach.


Business Owner

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